I am granted permission to exist, and eat humble pie

Apologies for the rant in the last post. I’m pleased to report that Facebook did accept the paper-trail that proved that Stephanie Jane Robinson is actually the same person as Jane Robinson. By gracious permission of Facebook, I exist! A miracle occurreth! It was only the extreme good fortune of never having bothered to correct my accidental ‘dual’ registration with City and Guilds, which meant that I have certificates in both names, and a newspaper photo of me in the name of Jane which they could compare to my passport photo as Stephanie.

So I am reinstated on Facebook, hopefully before anyone realised I had disappeared (which I realise would have been of world-wide significance to all). This is the photo I used for my Facebook page. Someone commented that it looks like something from the 18th century. Another century is probably where I really belong anyway, in a world before technology and electronics, and where you cannot accidentally delete yourself in one click.

Thank you, oh Facebook God. I promise that in gratitude for Your gracious mercy I will commit no more crimes. I will not do the following ever again: Think mean thoughts. Do the right thing for the wrong reasons. Puff up the chocolate packet to look like I haven’t secretly eaten more. Open the bedroom curtains and go back to bed, so people outside think I’ve got up. Rant (no, delete that one, without ranting I would explode).

Now let’s get back to planting some plants and doing some art!

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