If I were you I wouldn’t start from here…

Soluble fabric and machine embroidery

Soluble fabric and machine embroidery

I do sometimes wonder if I’m just plain bonkers. Does this look to you like a dress that will be ready to be worn the day after tomorrow? I could have made life so much easier; but no. Starting out on this little journey, I had such a clear idea of where I was going: a red velvet dress with a ‘Taj Mahal’ neckline, with Indian-inspired gold embroidery round the neck and hem. Simples. But as I’ve gone along, little road-blocks have appeared along the way. I feel like the person who asks for directions only to be told ‘if I were you I wouldn’t start from here’. Instead of catching a quick and comfortable bus, I’ve embarked on a great long trek, minus maps.

Decide to make a dress (can’t find a pattern that’s right). Decide to make my own pattern instead (don’t know how to – have to have lessons). Decide on red viscose velvet (doesn’t come in red so I dye it). Dylon don’t make the right shade of red machine-dye (mix my own). Make up a prototype (looks like a hospital gown). Alter, adapt, tweak. Re-cut pattern (get in a muddle about adding and subtracting seam-allowances).  Start on machine-embroidery round the neck (it takes much longer than I expect. It always does. Why did I forget that?) Decide to save time by not embroidering round the arms (cut the shoulder slightly too narrow so it has to have embroidery after all as there isn’t enough for a seam allowance). Look for red shoes to go with it (fail to find ones I like & decide to dye some suede ones. After applying the dye, notice prominent note on the bottle that says ‘Only suitable for leather, not suede’).

Somehow I think my grasp of style and glamour has over-reached itself. Here’s a picture of me as a toddler. I really haven’t changed much.

Note to self: For next project, engage both brain cells at the same time!


4 thoughts on “If I were you I wouldn’t start from here…

  1. arlee barr

    “Oh how we laughed” 😉 Too often have i gone this route myself! The red is gorgeous though and i’m sure you’ll have one heck of a unique dress.

    1. Jane Post author

      Hello Arlee,
      Good to hear from you. Your message came just at the right time, when my normally sweet-tempered Bernina has started having hissy-fits and sucking the top thread down into the darkness and chewing it. Luckily I’ve managed to stop quickly enough each time so the dress hasn’t got sucked down with it!
      I see from your web address that you’re in Canada. Greetings!


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