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The Great British Sewing Bee

Thank you everyone for your emails, and encouragement for the new website and blog. I’m pleased that people are starting to find their way here. I’m told that it can take several weeks for a new website to be ‘found’ and indexed by the googlebots. I picture them as rather grumpy little earwigs. The lazy critters are probably curled up together under a stone, so they need people to stir them up and send them scurrying. If you’re a kind soul who would like to help them find me, then you could do several things to help. You could add me as a ‘link’ to your own website or blog, you can ‘pin’ me (ouch!) or you can add a link to this website on Facebook or Twitter. Apparently this is what gets the googlebots really excited. When the critters wake up and do their job, it will be great to start getting new visitors who have stumbled in here through other routes. If that’s you, do say hello.

I think this might improve my time-management.

This might improve my time-management.

Tuesday today, and for the first time for weeks there’s no new episode of The Great British Sewing Bee. Like so many fellow embroiderers and sewers, I’ve been glued to the series. As well as showing great technical sewing skills, and flair for fabric and design, I thought it was a lovely demonstration of people refusing to be forced into competitive conflict. There was none of the false friendship, followed by back-stabbing, that seems to be ‘entertainment’ in most reality TV. Even when Great British Sewing Bee contestants were working under time pressure, if one person had a problem then someone else would help them to sort it out,. Imagine someone stumbling in a race, and the leader pausing to help them to their feet – how refreshing! As well as enjoying the sewing, I enjoyed the humour and banter that went on while they were working under such pressure. It’s interesting how many people watched it and talked about it, which just goes to show how popular sewing is. What did other people think?