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It’s Shaun the sheep

That's not a stake through his heart, it's the remains of a sparkler

That’s not a stake through his heart, it’s the remains of a sparkler

Here’s a quick post to show you the photos I’ve just received of the Shaun the sheep cake I made for my mother-in-law’s 90th birthday. The whole family are Shaun fans, influenced by Audrey aged 90¬†and her sister Ann. This includes¬†the middle-aged generation, the young adults, the teenagers and the school-age and pre-school children.

Shaun is made from sugar-paste icing made with glycerine (wonderful stuff that you can mould like plasticine). The grass is coloured butter-icing and the flowers are courtesy of the local supermarket. Shaun kept letting his head droop onto the grass, so he has a cocktail stick in his neck to help him stay awake. I had two helpers to make the grass and arrange the flowers – Veronika and Milo. And yes, there were a few spare sugar flowers that had to be sampled first.

My mother-in-law is called ‘Granny Cake’ for good reason!

Waiting patiently for cake while adults keep talking

Waiting patiently for cake while adults keep talking










The only problem was that the adults couldn’t bring themselves to eat Shaun. The children were less squeamish. But after some discussion of the method of dissection (pull his head off? chop him into slices?) in fact he was removed to a plate while his field was eaten instead. (Update: I’m told that Shaun now lives in a box and may make a guest appearance on another cake).